Preschool Early Intervention Program

This 2-hour program is designed to address the speech and language needs of 3-5 year olds in a group setting. Optimally there will be 5 to 6 children with one speech therapist and one speech aide assisting. Children work on speech and language skills while playing, interacting with peers, singing, doing art projects, and reading stories. This type of intervention facilitates generalization to conversational speech, increases sound discrimination and sound awareness skills while increasing the children's confidence and interest in words, sounds and communicating.

  • Speech articulation - improve sound awareness and sound discrimination skills through sound play and visual/tactile cues, increase self-awareness and self confidence while using correct speech productions in imitation, and in conversational speech.
  • Language - improve expressive grammar, use of specific vocabulary, asking and answering questions, elaborating/describing/comparing and contrasting, and determining causes and effects.
  • Literacy - improve ability to tell/retell stories from a book or about things that have happened to them including sequencing events and ideas.
  • Play - improve interaction skills with peers by improving turn taking skills and taking the listener's perspective. Children will use imagination and lots of motor movement to act out stories, make up stories, and just play.
Details, Schedule, and Fees

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Connecting with children through music, play, movement and stories in a nurturing environment.
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