Infant Stimulation Program for at-risk children

This program addresses the speech, language and communication needs of children from 18 months old to 36 months old. This program is designed to facilitate parent child interactions, to increase speech and language skills, to increase social interaction skills, and to stimulate cognitive development. Components of this program include: parent education, learning your child's interactive style and rhythms, and lots of vocal play with sounds, bubbles, and oral motor activities.

  • Increase attention for communicative interactions.
  • Increase vocal play and imitation.
  • Increase use of words to label and get needs met.
  • Increase parent responsiveness, use of modeling techniques and use of positive encouragement to increase communicative output and language development.
  • Educate parents about language and speech development, "what is next", and how to elaborate/expand your child's language output.

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Connecting with children through music, play, movement and stories in a nurturing environment.
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