Individual Speech Therapy Sessions for all ages in the following areas:
  • Speech delays - to improve the articulation of single sounds, developmental phonological processes (multiple sound errors), speech apraxia (sound sequencing difficulties) and lisps.
  • Accent reduction - to improve the correct production of English consonants and vowels in conversational speech. Since I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently and have studied Chinese and German, I am familiar with the sound systems of different languages and how to facilitate learning the English sound system for speakers of these languages.
  • Fluency - to improve speech fluency, self-awareness, and self-confidence in preschool children, school age children and adults.
  • Language delays - to improve expressive language delays (difficulties in vocabulary acquisition, putting words together, and expressing ideas or telling stories), word-finding difficulties, receptive language delays in processing and understanding language, following directions, auditory memory and auditory processing difficulties.
  • Pragmatics - to improve difficulties with the social use of language, turn taking, staying on topic, taking the listener's perspective, reading facial expressions, using gestures, understanding jokes and interacting successfully with peers.
  • Literacy skills - to improve decoding, fluid reading with inflection, reading comprehension, cognitive mapping, mnemonics and visualization techniques to increase recall, and how to structure and analyze what is read.

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Connecting with children through music, play, movement and stories in a nurturing environment.
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