Consultation and Inservice Trainings for Parents and Teachers

Consultation - Brainstorming/problem solving for classroom modifications and intervention strategies to use both in school and at home to improve classroom performance, interactions with peers, and self advocacy skills. Since I have worked in the public schools since 1984, I have many years experience in the regular education classroom as well as in special education. I can help you through the IEP process as an advocate and/or supplement the program that has been designed for your child.

Parent Classes - What is normal language development, what to expect at each age/level of language development, how to encourage language development and maintain self esteem and self-confidence for your child. Most importantly how to have fun while learning.

Teacher Inservice Trainings - for teachers at all grade levels on:
  1. How to facilitate language development, improve vocabulary skills, increase language comprehension, and improve expressive language and social skills. These trainings will include teaching the stages of language development, and what to expect at each age level, and specific teaching techniques for each stage of.
  2. How children learn a second language, especially as applicable for Spanish speaking children. This will include the stages of acquisition, how to recognize a child's functioning level, and finally specific strategies to address the needs of English Language Learners at each stage.

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Connecting with children through music, play, movement and stories in a nurturing environment.
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